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Entrepreneurship day Ceciliana Shekunza

A life without experiments is worthless and extremely monotonous regardless of what career choice an individual decides on. On the 5th of July 2019, Amazing kids private school and academy learners were given a noteworthy opportunity to showcase majestic entrepreneurial ideas.

Entrepreneurship day is regarded as a career building day due to the fact that learners have to take on the responsibilities of being an entrepreneur. Amazing kids private school and academy has proven that age difference is not a limiting factor to entrepreneurial ideas by granting entrepreneurship learners this opportunity. This day was not just for fun but entrepreneurship teachers made sure that this activity contributed to the learner’s continuous assessment marks. Moreover, the decision made the learners work laborious and in the end gave the day conspicuous success.

The day was powered up by Mrs Inamuvulwa, the guest speaker. The guest gave an insight on the Entrepreneurship day and encouraged the learners to create incredible paths by taking this day seriously. Entrepreneurship is the activity of setting up a business, taking on financial risks in hope of making a profit.
Ethics and entrepreneurial qualities were put to test to create credibility. Values or ethics included what the entrepreneurs of the day believed in. A good reputation as well as a long term success require desirable business ethics and a positive mind set.

An entrepreneur needs many different qualities and characteristics to be successful. Qualities such as creativity and originality which involved original products that differ from the competitors and commitment. Therefore, these learners had to take on these characteristics and many others such as team work and problem solving skills, to accomplish and to improve innovations and intuitions.

In addition, the business plan was the prominent formal document entrepreneurship learners invaded. This document is the key to evaluate the contemplating standards of the learners and made it easier for the teachers to assess accurately. The document states the goals of a business, describes how the goals would be met and the content of the business. The content includes the description of the business, the targets, an action plan, financial plan and marketing plan. 
The learners were required to give feedback based on challenges, achievements in terms of money and skills. These learners were well supported by the school due to the fact that the customers were required to buy tokens and this reduced the effectiveness of learners with long fingers.

In essence, this day was an incredible platform and aroused better thoughts for tomorrow’s entrepreneurs.